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The return of moonromance.net 
Tue | 08/12/08 | 5:53am
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Hey folks.

If anyone's still reading this thing, I finally have the reincarnated moonromance.net open for visitors. I only have the A-D sections of the library available right now, but it's looking likely I'll be able to restore most of the legacy stories at least (given time... lots of time. x_x). Since most of those were too old to be on any other archives, that's what I was most worried about, so I'd say that's pretty darn good - and definitely better than nothing. :)

Perhaps more importantly, at least in terms of this community, I have a directory section with links to the places where former ASMRians are hanging out now. If you're looking for lost friends, they might be listed there. If you'd like me to add you to the list, you can comment here or use the contact form on the website. ^^

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Places to Go 
Tue | 10/16/07 | 6:13am
mood: sad
There seem to be a number of people still floating around in the ether now that ASMR's gone, so I thought a post like this may be useful.

First of all I'm obligated to toot my own horn. A lot of you already know that I've been running a community somewhat similar to ASMR for over a year now. It has familiar things like a debate area and a vent area. http://www.dotmoon.net/

.moon is all-fandoms, however, so if you want to stick with something Sailormoon-centric I can recommend http://www.smfanfiction.net/ and http://www.sailormoonfiction.com/. I know members of ASMR can be found on all three sites. :)

I'm still working on getting in touch with Andrea about possibly rescuing ASMR's library.
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Contact info? 
Fri | 10/05/07 | 1:12am
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I was hoping to do this privately, in case the site was going to come back up, but since now it appears it's not...

Does anyone know of an email address, or some means by which I can contact George or Andrea? I'd like to make an attempt to rescue ASMR's fanfiction library.

Please let me know, or if you're in contact with them let them know... there's nothing I can do about the forum etc, but I would love to offer to host the stories, as I think ASMR was a major part of Sailormoon fandom history and those fanfics need to be online somewhere.

Please help if you can.
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Thu | 10/04/07 | 12:06pm
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I've just gotten official notice that ASMR will not be returning.

There was a server crash that resulted in the initial disappearance. Unfortunately, the back-up process isn't exactly easy and the decision was made not to put it back up. Also, it seems, that the Admins just don't have the financial or time resources required to keep the site going. I can understand, life does get in the way and they've both got very demanding lives and jobs. I wish them both the best.

If I hear of anything else I'll post here - otherwise, pass the message along.

I know that many of you probably don't care about ASMR anymore and even looked down on it, but for me and several others it still holds lots of good memories.

It's very sad for me to see it go - nothing will ever replace it's spot in my memory and heart.

Thank you ASMR, for everything (and everyone) you brought into my life. It may not have always been sunshine and roses, but you were a part of my life for a very, very long time.

R.I.P. A Sailor Moon Romance
~September 2007
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What happened? 
Fri | 09/21/07 | 8:47am
  Does anyone know what happened to ASMR? Or how long it's been like this? I noticed yesterday, but it had been a while since I went on before that, so maybe this was addressed a lot earlier.

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Sun | 07/29/07 | 2:55pm
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Sun | 03/11/07 | 4:40pm
  title or description  
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It's back! 
Thu | 12/07/06 | 5:24am
  ASMR is back online. :D  
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GASP! a POST! Amazing! 
Tue | 12/05/06 | 11:32pm
  ...and a rather unnecessary one, at that. ;P

As I'm sure the few of you who are still around to read this have noticed, ASMR's been down since last Thursday. To quell some worries, a whois lookup shows the domain has indeed been renewed for another year, and there's an unconfirmed report of the site being accessible for at least a brief period Tuesday morning. So hopefully it'll be back soon.

In the meantime, there's a handful of refugees on my forum at dotmoon.net. My community is a mere cluster of huts compared to the sprawling metropolis of ASMR, but it's something.

We now return to your regularly scheduled inactive silence.
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Weekly Wank 
Mon | 09/05/05 | 12:44pm
mood: curious

Hey guys, something I thought I'd introduce. I'm a member of this community, phanwank, where basically the members scour the world wide web for something that is so completely insane or just down right hilarious and they 'wank' it. Which means they all sit around laughing at either a) the hilarity of the interweb or b) the stupidity of the human race. I think a healthy way to work through our ASMR issues is to have a weekly wank. Basically, I'll scour the boards, find something that I deem wankable and you guys can, in a healthy environment wank it to buggery.


Wank awayCollapse )

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Sun | 09/04/05 | 11:28am
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So who's looking foreword to the Daily Show's take on the Justice dying on Monday?

Hell, who's looking foreword to the Daily Show period?
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O_O That's IT! 
Sat | 09/03/05 | 7:01am
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customers_suck is coming OFF my watch list!

I can't believe I missed so many interesting posts in here! T_T customers_suck floods too much. I thought I'd be okay if I kept it on a separate page, but no. Not if it's making me miss anything ASMR-related.

*stabs customers_suck into oblivion*

EDIT: And why the HELL can't I get the lj-user tag to work??
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Sun | 08/21/05 | 1:35pm
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Ok I think we all need to get our feelings out in a healthy manner. So I'm opening up a discussion re: "Why ASMR sucks right now"

Now you don't have to agree that it sucks, argue that you love it, that it's great, that you want to marry the VC Forum button. But lets just do the whole verbal diarrhea thing and feel all the better for it.

So, wanna know what I think?

All ye who dare, the suckage shall beginCollapse )
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Woooo while the mechas away cher will play... 
Thu | 08/18/05 | 2:28pm
mood: chipper
So...what can we do while everyone is away at Otakon?

Whose left anyway?

PJ? Jamie? Kim? Kats?

What do you guys reckon? Wanna turn the mechaboys into a girly j-pop group. PJ's on his own, no reinforcements >:) O.o aside from the pesky new mechaboy >:|@kevin


Lets boogie :D
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Thu | 08/11/05 | 9:05am
  Maybe it's just me or does that place seem like a vortex of insanity?

So. Many. Bad. Arguments.
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Tue | 08/09/05 | 6:17am
mood: disappointed
Aaaaaand it dies! Yay novelty factor!
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Why are we here? 
Sat | 08/06/05 | 11:49am
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Okay, when I first suggested making an ASMR LJ comm I resisted the temptation because I was wondering this, and I'm still wondering this. What do we expect to gain from having an ASMR community on LJ? What is going to make us different from ASMR, and thus a necessity rather than a redundant extra board?

I'm posting this entry for people to make suggestions. Obviously, there's the light-rules freedom factor :3 but what else?

My ideaCollapse )
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A Vote 
Thu | 08/04/05 | 9:05pm
  Percluding Dejana's suggestion I put to you, the members of this community a vote.

Should we allow this community to be a no holds barred flame fiesta, or should we have restrictions in place (to be drawn up later)?

48 hours sound good?

I vote for minimal rules to keep spite spam to a minimum.
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Sat | 09/03/05 | 10:17pm
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*Shakes booty*

you know you want this *pose*

in anycase, its about freaking time guys.
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Thu | 08/04/05 | 12:01pm
  Everybody send much love to Kim who designed our lovely layout.

Ps. *cackles* It's so girly, I can't wait to see the mechaboys' faces when they get sprung in the computer labs at uni looking at SUCH a girly site >:)

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