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Why are we here?

Okay, when I first suggested making an ASMR LJ comm I resisted the temptation because I was wondering this, and I'm still wondering this. What do we expect to gain from having an ASMR community on LJ? What is going to make us different from ASMR, and thus a necessity rather than a redundant extra board?

I'm posting this entry for people to make suggestions. Obviously, there's the light-rules freedom factor :3 but what else?

Personally, I can see this having a use as a place where ASMRians who don't have time to read up on the whole board to stay updated on what's happening there. I'm thinking about doing some kind of regular news post highlighting whatever the current hot topics are on the boards, so folks on LJ can get a quick run-down of what's up on ASMR and then head to the forums if anything looks interesting. Tentative title: The Daily Drama. Opinions?
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