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Ok I think we all need to get our feelings out in a healthy manner. So I'm opening up a discussion re: "Why ASMR sucks right now"

Now you don't have to agree that it sucks, argue that you love it, that it's great, that you want to marry the VC Forum button. But lets just do the whole verbal diarrhea thing and feel all the better for it.

So, wanna know what I think?

Ok, so my biggest beef is that there is a sever lack of fun on that board now days. I miss the days when we'd all meet up at TC and just go nuts in these bizarre psuedo role plays. There is none of that sense of imagination anymore. Even EC went down the toilet. There aren't any ecchi rpg's, no wife tails nothing. The board just isn't fun anymore. Which is probably why i stopped going. But there are the few people that i linger for. You never could beat that breed of peeps that came through ASMR back in 1999 - 2001. I must say, there were some pretty cool cats, so naturally i'm drawn back to see if i can hunt them out.

And what is with the rising number of emo kids???? Jesus i feel like pouring acid into my eyes everytime i read this vent or that. Buuuuut that, I think is not asmr's fault. That's just the way of the world today eh? It's like 14-16 age bracket = emocozomgitzsooooOOoocool!!!11!1

ANyway I will leave it at that. Do you agree with me? Hate my fucking guts? Have somethign to add? Lets do this baby!!!!
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