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Weekly Wank

Hey guys, something I thought I'd introduce. I'm a member of this community, phanwank, where basically the members scour the world wide web for something that is so completely insane or just down right hilarious and they 'wank' it. Which means they all sit around laughing at either a) the hilarity of the interweb or b) the stupidity of the human race. I think a healthy way to work through our ASMR issues is to have a weekly wank. Basically, I'll scour the boards, find something that I deem wankable and you guys can, in a healthy environment wank it to buggery. 
Now I must give props to Doug for starting such a long-life thread, however the fact that only THREE members are really holding this together really grates on my nerves.  It is a waste of webspace that could be dedicated to ME and how hot/great/wonderful I am. 
Bit of a self-wank here as well, the fact that some of us asmr LJ members add fuel to the fire by commenting about how ridiculous it is that the five-word-post thread is still alive.  We're idiots, like moths drawn to the flame.  But for goodness sake, how fucked up is a thread with 54 pages?  How much more can the oldie cafe take before it explodes?  The worst thing is, that stupid forum is all but dead minus that thread.  So you'll be checking the boards and then you see that flashing pink folder (i'm using the ASMR pucca theme) and in your haste forget that that bloody thread is in there.  You click away and bam all it is is another idiotic response by either one of three people lamely trying to drag that shit on for another week or so.
Nosphil, PJ, I gladly ask you to use your elite mecha skillz and nuke it.  *bibbles* Please?

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